Aquí tienes algunas de las asombrosas fotos del concurso de National Geographic 2015 ¡Hechizantes!

El periodo para participar en el concurso anual de fotografía de National Geographic ha terminado. Cada año miles de fotógrafos de todo el mundo se inscriben tomando las mejores fotografías para transportarnos a otros lugares. Las categorías oficiales del concurso son: personas, lugares y naturaleza. El concurso comenzó el 1 de septiembre del año 2015 y aceptó admisiones hasta el 16 de noviembre del 2015. Para entrar se necesitaba pagar una cuota de $15 dólares y los premios son: – Para el primer lugar $10,000 y un viaje al cuartel general de National Geographic más 3 noches de alojamiento en Washington DC. Y para cada ganador de cada categoría son $2,500 y su foto publicada en la revista de National Geographic.

1. Un disfraz arenoso

A line of elephants had just crossed the Chobe River on a hot day. As they relaxed by flicking cool sand on their backs, they were very aware to hide the youngest in the center of their grouping. For one moment though, this little one disguised in sand got through to give us a quick hello.

2.Un poco del paraíso de los osos

I've loved watching wildlife documentaries since I was a kid. One of nature's wonders that fascinated me the most was the annual return of Salmon to their birthplace for spawning...and the bears that live off of this phenomenon. To be able to see it happen in real life was just completely magical and struck a chord deep within. There were about 12 bears at the falls, but 6 that dominated the prime spots. It was peaceful between the bears as there was plenty of salmon to go around!


3. La reunión de las nubes

Breathtaking view from Schwarzstockli (2293m) over this spectacular natural border of cantons of Glarus and St. Gallen, Switzerland, as seen on an Autumn weekend trek in early October 2015. All after being chased, caught up and left behind by that glorious mist that hopped from one valley to another, leaving me with this frame to awe at. The gathering of clouds.

4. Los niños y el abandonado Pinisi

Centuries ago the Buginese and Makassarese people were famously known as the great sailorman.  By using handmade wooden boat named Pinisi they explore the boundaries of the country even to Madagascar. Even today the lives of the people there are still familiar with the sea.  I took this photo on an afternoon in The Port Paotere where childrens descendants of the great sailor playing in shipwreck.

5. Cosiendo la red para pescar

In Vinh Hy Bay, two women become lost in the fabric of a fishing net. That was just a random moment when I came to the fishing village to shoot the lifestyle of the fisherman. While the men do their fishing, their wives stay at home and do the errands. When we were there, the ladies were sewing the fishing net for a new fishing season.

6. El Zorro blanco

An arctic fox in frozen willows.

7. Ballena de una cola

Whale Watch, Provincetown, Sept 19, 2015. My family and I were out in Cape Cod to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday, and we took a whale watch for the first time in a decade. This baby whale put on quite a show for us with his rolls and waving and eventually swam under the bow of the boat, then dove and gave me this beautiful shot as he went under. I asked God for help in taking good photos on this trip, and he gave me this one that I couldn't have imagined.

8. Ni siquiera está frío

Freediving session in Antarctica...not even cold!

9. Mídeme

A large, inquisitive and almost dangerously playful female Humpback whale calf measures me with her pectoral fin. This image was captured on a very wide fisheye lens, which doesnít quite show how close she really is. By measuring how close I am she can determine if her tail is going to come in contact with me as she swims past.

10. Atardecer sobre la neblina

A warm and peaceful sunset above the fog at Mount Tamalpais, Northern California.

11. El llamado de un bebé

A baby giraffe seems to call the mother under an incredible sky full of sun rays.

12.Yendo a casa

A monk on his way home~


Ahora solo falta esperar a que digan quienes son los ganadores ¡Qué nervios! Seguro que hay muchísimas imágenes impresionantes en este concurso.

Comparte y dinos en los comentarios cuál de estas fotos fue tu favorita 😉

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